Facing my fears

Death. I’ve had a strange relationship with death : on one hand I’ve always been fascinated with what happens when you die, I was married to an undertaker for 17 years meaning the subject of death was never far from the dinner table however if I thought about dying it would cripple me with fear, […]

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Money, money, money

This year has been hard physically and mentally for me, I can deal with the physical to an extent but I’ve never dared to look inside my brain until now. I’ve been seeing an Oncology psychologist since spring which has been probably the most sensible decision I’ve made in 2018 but as we all know, […]

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Everything will be OK

In the last few weeks something has changed, it feels like the fog is starting to clear and I can see a future, the last nine months have seen my world turned upside down and its been hard to see anything past the next week the majority of the time. I’m trying to evaluate what’s […]

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Santa’s skint.

Now for something completely different! Last year we were utterly broke and as it got nearer to Christmas there was a blind panic of how the hell are we going to afford Christmas? A genius idea (of mine!) saved the day and after a conversation with HellomynameisRosie on Twitter I thought I’d share it for […]

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Popping my scanxiety cherry

Scanxiety is something I’ve never had an issue with, maybe because of only being 14 when I had cancer, scans and tests were part of growing up. When I started having problems again in the last decade and had to have scans again it was strangely comforting, in a familiar way so scanxiety is some […]

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