Feel the fear

Liz, you know that radiation damage in your lung we’re watching? Well it’s increased in size so we need to do a PET scan……. Fear. If there’s one word that could describe the impact of cancer it’s fear. Fear of death, fear of the treatment, fear of the unknown, fear of losing your hair, fear […]

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Scream if you wanna go faster.

My last blog post was an update on my mental health and how far I’ve come with dealing with life, the past, my health and everything else that comes my way. It’s definitely been a tough year with my relationship ending, moving house and my physical health, which brings me to today’s verbal vomit. We […]

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The cycle is broken.

I’ve talked many times about the psychological aspect of surviving childhood cancer and how I’ve began to understand how it’s affected me personally but this is the big one. I’ve always been a people pleaser, a reliable go to girl, always willing to lend a hand and I always will be, to an extent, but […]

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Facing my fears

Death. I’ve had a strange relationship with death : on one hand I’ve always been fascinated with what happens when you die, I was married to an undertaker for 17 years meaning the subject of death was never far from the dinner table however if I thought about dying it would cripple me with fear, […]

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